Bella Goes Green: Composting Dog Poop

Everything I had ever heard about recycling dog poop was always met with funny scrunched up faces and sounds of ick, eeyew, and claims that it can’t be done.  I wondered why, since people pay big money for sacks of cow manure and buy the zoo’s surplus elephant dung by the truckload.  Why not dog poop?  Then my Auntie Karen, who is a very smart lady, sent me something she […]

Bella Attends Southern California Pet Expo in Long Beach, CA

A Pet Expo is a fun event for all pet owners to attend and see new products, gather new resources, and learn about new things that are available in their community to enhance their lives and the lives of the pets that live with them.  On Feb 2, 2013 a one-day Expo was held at the Long Beach Convention Center and featured more than 150 vendors of products and services […]

Bella Makes Her New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of year when everypawdy is ready to start a new chapter, or maybe just a continuation of the last one but with some editing.  Have you sat down and made your New Year’s Resolutions?  Here is what I would like to do for 2013: Get more beauty sleep.  I am a real go girl.  When somepawdy says “let’s go” or if I see my leash, I […]

Bella Decorates Her Christmas Tree

Ho, Ho, Ho, it’s that time of year again when Daddy has to climb up a ladder and get down all those red storage tubs that have all the Christmas decorations in them.  Daddy doesn’t have to trek out to the forest in deep snow to get the tree because it is in a box already, all  nice and green with no bugs and someone has already put all the […]

Bella Builds Her Emergency First Aid Kit

My readers may recall an earlier blog in which I sat down with Emma Zen and we barked at some length about her work to raise funds to equip First Responders with special pet oxygen masks.   Emma and her human, Debra Jo, are relentless champions for Pet Safety.  When Mommy learned that Debra Jo is also an instructor of  Pet First-Aid & CPR and was bringing her class to my […]

Bella Shares Her Halloween Costume

I really wanted to make a big splash with my Halloween costume this year.  There was a really cute picture that we had seen on the internet that gave me the idea: There was a  cute spinoff on the same theme that I have seen also:  two pirates carrying a treasure chest was really cute.  I thought about two undertakers carrying a coffin….but decided to go with a PetMeds box […]

Bella Goes To Bark At The Park, Lancaster CA

Last weekend was Bark At The Park, an annual City of Lancaster (CA) event to celebrate “Man’s Best Friend.”  This year, for the first time, the event expanded over two days and included dog activities, community groups, vendors, raffles, shows, guest speakers, fashion parades and contests, and this year we had a special visit by the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!!