Is Cat Furniture Really Necessary?

Keeping your furniture scratch-free from your furry feline is another great reason why you should have cat furniture. If you have an indoor cat that is not declawed, you know how frustrating coming home to scratches on furniture can be.

An End to Ugly Cat Furniture

If you have cats, you know they love to climb and scratch, and most cats appreciate a place to sleep that’s elevated off the ground.  Unfortunately, most cat “furniture” doesn’t exactly blend into your home décor. Worse, if you place the cat furniture in an out of the way area, your cat is unlikely to use it. PetMeds now carries a line of quality cat furniture that you’ll be proud […]

Daisy Takes a Stand

If you look closely at many of my modeling pictures, you might have noticed that I am often sitting on top of a special modeling stand.  But guess what? It is actually a furniture made just for cats! This is called “Mr. Herzher’s Single Seat Cat Perch.”  That’s a long name.