The Evidence Is In—Dogs Help People Meet Healthy Exercise Targets

Later this year, the Journal of Physical Activity and Health will publish the results of a review of medical studies conducted over the last twenty years that have investigated whether sharing your home with a dog results in people becoming more physically active. This study proves what most dog owners already know—having a dog at your side helps keep you fit.

Give Two Belly Rubs and Call Me in the Morning

I’ve just returned from the 23rd annual clinical meeting of the American Academy of Pain Management where pain doctors from across the country get together to share their latest research into how to best relieve pain. Pain is actually the most common reason people see their doctor. Pain can be a sign of some other health condition, like rheumatoid arthritis, or pain can occur when it seems like everything else […]

Cancer-detecting Dog to Receive AKC Award

Joy is a fluffy, long-haired Akita who looks like any other gorgeous Akita. There’s one big difference with Joy — she saved the lives of both of her owners by detecting their cancers and doggedly pestering them to get to the doctor for an earlier diagnosis than they would have had if they’d waited for symptoms. Joy’s amazing nose sniffed out prostate and colon cancer and her two, now cancer-free, […]

“I Can’t Be Depressed. My Dog Wouldn’t Allow It!”

This week at work, I was interviewing a lady in her 70’s who had some serious pain problems and physical limitations. Because people with chronic pain often have problems with their mood, I asked if she was having problems with depression. Without a pause she answered, “I have a Golden Retriever.” After my initial look of confusion, she added, “I can’t be depressed. My Golden wouldn’t allow it!” She then […]

No Dogs on the Beach? Not Anymore!

Have you ever been told your dog’s not allowed to join you when you spend the day at the beach? That could all change thanks to a new research study that will be published later this year in the journal Environmental Science and Technologies. Believe it or not, all those sea gulls you see flying over beaches and picking up trash pose a serious threat to human health. We’re talking […]

Need to De-stress After Work? Call Fido

Who doesn’t enjoy coming home from work and being greeted by your favorite four-legged friend? Science proves that those after-work doggie kisses are good for your health. Medical research shows you can get a big dose of stress relief by making a snuggle session with Fido your first order of business at the end of your work day. Researchers from Colorado State University asked twenty dog owners to have their […]

Have You Made Your Mark Today?

Daily walks with my terriers are serious business. Sniffing to be done, newly fallen leaves and branches to explore, and marks to be left. Nothing annoys my terriers more than me trying to rush them through their marking. Their expressions tell me the answer to the question, “Do you REALLY have to leave a mark on every mailbox post?” will be a resounding “yes.” As they finish their walk, my […]