Why Should I Walk My Pet on the Left Side?

With the upcoming Left Handed Day holiday on August 13th (the holiday to promote awareness about all the obstacles left-handed people face), there have been a few questions as to why you may want to walk your dog on your left side.

Entertaining A Bored Cat Has Never Been So Easy

We all know how hard it is to persistently be around our pets and give them constant attention. With all of life’s conflicts, sometimes it’s almost impossible to always give your pet what he or she needs.

Mirror neurons–helping you connect with others

Have you ever found that you feel perfectly bright, awake, and rested, until you sit in a room with a bunch of tired looking people who are yawning? Before you know it, you find yourself yawning too. Even our dogs have been shown to yawn when they see us yawning. Watching someone else–human or animal–do something causes nerves in your brain to fire. These nerves are called mirror neurons.

Treat Your Friend Like a Rat

A fascinating experiment conducted at the University of Chicago and reported in the journal Science may make you rethink using the phrase “he’s a rat” to mean something derogatory. In this study, two rats who were not familiar with each other were placed in an experiment. One rat was confined in a small enclosure that he couldn’t escape. The other rat was outside of the enclosure where it could move […]

Which Toy Should You Get Your Dog? One You’ll Like to Play With!

December holidays are just around the corner and inevitably you’ll want to get a new toy for Fido. What should you get? A ball? Something he can rip the stuffing out of? An interactive game to stimulate his brain? So many choices…. Researchers at the University of Bristol recently conducted research looking at the toys dog prefer and those they get bored wish in a new study that will be […]

If You Lie Down With Dogs . . .

I grew up in a house where the dogs slept in the bed with my folks, period.  There was never any discussion about it.  I didn’t even know there were other options until I was older.  When I found out there were people with dogs who DIDN’T have them sleep in bed with them, I wondered what was wrong with those people.  Why have a dog if it didn’t sleep […]

Even Pets Get the Back to School Blues

The swimming pools are empty, the streets are quiet, and the houses are still.  Summer has ended, and the kids have gone back to school–even the adult ones have driven/flown back off to college. While fall can be both an exciting or dismal time for students and parents alike, it can really be a bummer for family pets. Well, family pets that actually like company.