A veterinarian’s insight on holistic and homeopathic remedies for joint pain in pets

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  1. I rescued a skinny, underweight boy that was literally being carried into the animal shelter. I knew he was meant for me! I had 4 dogs at home and he fit right in. I feel he was blessed to have me because he was a wild boy. He has eaten and wrecked carpet in 5 rooms and dug his way through 3 doors and gotten out of the back yard multiple times. No one else would put up with all these antics! Sadly I have learned to crate the kid while I leave the house which isn’t that often but I still can’t trust him loose in the house. For his crate time I provide rawhide chews and other chews to keep him occupied. I feel blessed by having him because he is funny, playful and can talk to me with his eyes and he listens, kindof. I’ll have this crazy companion for years to com.

  2. I’d like to win the DNA test

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