Through a cat’s eyes: here’s how a cat sees the world

The beautiful golden eyes of a black cat

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  1. Robert Lee Turner JrSeptember 7, 2018 at 6:09 pm

    My dog Sadie would love to have one to sleep on. I live in a efficiency apartment. I don’t have room for a lot of furniture in my apartment. Right now when I’m gone she sleeps on a old towel. She does sleep with me a nights. She would love to have one to sleep on.

  2. Our cat loves to snuggle on our reclining chairs, but always leaves a pile of hair behind. She would love this item to snuggle into and we would love it for the protection of the furniture it will provide.

  3. Well our cat Newport sees the world as he’s part of the family 3 men and 1 woman including him.. Her grew up as part of the family and he protects us just like he’s human and every time we ready here eats we’re his parents the men and our mother is his grandma.

  4. Our 17-year old cat Buddy is a shedding machine and a puking machine (yes – on the couch and it’s a terrible mess to clean up). He also manages to get his claws to scratch up the top of the couch where he hangs out with us. Since he’s our “old man” I feel guilty getting upset with him. This couch protector would awesome!!

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