What you need to know before adopting a cuddly new cat

A lucky cat leaves the shelter with her new owner

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  1. Roseanne H. MilesJune 20, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    You advise we need to provide for our pet(s). I have two small dogs and just got 2 kittens. So far they are good but I’m glad I got 2 because my dogs are old and I think thy forgot how to play. Anyway I was looking for a carrying case of sorts – one for trips to the Vet, bot cats are due at same time, same for dogs. How much room should you allow in a carrier in a disaster? I would put all 4 in one. and carry it off with me. But I don’t want to kill them, or hurt them. Thanks for your consideration. Roseanne Miles you already have my email.

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